31 December 2012


You may remember when we had a heatwave some weeks back and I down some palm fronds as a temporary cover for the seedlings
Since then I've got a bit more organised and put up a structure to hold the fronds during the hot summer months, especially in the big bed where the delicate lettuces are.  In this way they get morning sun, shade in the middle of the day from the palm fronds, and shade in the afternoon from the madagascar beans.

And its certainly done the trick!  I only lost one little lettuce seedling, despite the heat and many are almost ready for harvesting.  Is there anything nicer than a summer salad from the garden?
The other beds are also doing well, which I credit to that amazing biodynamic cow poo and straw mix that went on these beds.  This is the best crop of zucchinis we've ever had.
Zucchini and madagascar bean patties are on the menu today I think.....

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