24 December 2012

Its a zoo around here!

Dogs, chickens, fish, snakes, koalas and now monitor lizards!  Yesterday we heard some birds going crazy just outside. At first we thought a group of minor birds were having a go at another native bird who had come into their territory perhaps, but they all seemed to be looking down on the ground and other birds seemed to be joining in.  So given recent events, we thought 'snake'.  Shaun slipped quietly outside to have a look, and unsurprisingly, I decided to stay inside and watch from the window.  He turned and held out his arms, showing me the size of the snake (not too big I thought) but then came to the sliding door to tell me it was a monitor lizard.  I rushed for the camera and Shaun ran to get a shot, but those puppies can move, so I saw it darting off into the bush but we didn't get a photo.

Then we heard the chickens going ballistic so Shaun went down to have a look and see what was upsetting them.  Despite finding nothing, though the girls were clearly avoiding one section of the run, so perhaps there was something in the grass he couldn't see.  As he came back to the house, he spotted a second, and much larger, monitor lizard and as he still had his camera in hand, he managed to get some great shots

So we aren't sure if one was a parent and the other, the offspring, or whether the bigger one was the male and the smaller one the female.  But either way, they seem to have been attracted by something that had died. When we went outside later, we could smell something near the shed.  So don't know if it was a rat or a possum, but it had clearly attracted the lizards.

Never a dull wildlife moment around here.  Who needs the zoo!

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