06 December 2012

Heatwave protection

I got up at 6.00 and went down to the patch to try and make some hasty heatwave protection of my little seedlings before work.  I gave them and go water and then went to raid my green waste pile (not sure I'd call it a compost heap as its just a place where we put the things that take absolute ages to breakdown).  I grabbed lots of palm fronds and laid them down over the seedlings

It was pretty rough and ready but I had to rush off to work and I knew they wouldn't survive if I didn't do something.  In fact, my friend Kate was in Sydney for two days over the heatwave and though her partner watered her raised garden bed, she still lost most of her plants.

So when I got home after work, I rushed down to see how they had gone. And when I lifted up the fronds....

By comparison, the established comfrey didn't do so well
And yet, something I thought was dead as a doornail and had completely written off but hadn't bothered to pull up decided that heatwave was the best time to resurrect
Go figure!  Nature, she is a wonderful thing.


  1. Good idea - as they say, gardeners make a plan... :)

  2. Btw, love your raised beds. We don't get them here...