02 January 2013

At last!

We've been waiting, watering and watching and finally, our first bananas have emerged.  I know its not very exciting if you've had bananas for years, but these are our first.
And while I was doing a happy dance about this one, I noticed a second one too!

If you look carefully, you can just see the flower starting to protrude from the top.  Since I took this photo two days ago, its hanging over promisingly now.  Our friends have given us bunches of their bananas over the last year, which have been delicious, but I can't wait to taste our own.

Another exciting crop is the cherries.  We've had one or two thus far, but now with the heat, there has been a flush of flowers with lots of cherries coming on.  Looking at it, you might not know how many we are getting, but that's because every time I pass on my way to or from the garden, I eat a few.  I remember planting it with just that thought in mind, and its so satisfying to be able to do just that a year later.
And the third promising fruit is watermelon

These two deciding to flee the patch and grow outside the fence line.  Thankfully, no enterprising marsupial has had a watermelon snack as yet, but thankfully there are another four or five growing inside the fence, just in this area alone.  This was the first area I planted out, with more in the corn patch  several weeks later and yet more on the swales later still.  So hopefully we'll have more of a staggered supply than last year.  Though they are certainly looking as if they will be a similar size.  The largest one in the patch that I've got my eye on isn't anywhere near ripe and I'm guessing its already over 10kg.  Roll on summer!

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