07 December 2012

koala rescue (so sad)

When Shaun found the little koala on the second day, she was wondering around the patch and so Shaun let her out so she could get back to a gum tree.  She made it to the grass at the base of the tree but didn't have the energy to climb up.

So of course, Shaun phoned Koala Rescue, who raced over, but suspected it was already too late.  The koala was checked over by the wonderful woman who worked for the Rescue organisation, but she said she was looking in really bad shape.  She put her in the cage to take her to the animal hospital.

She phoned us later in the day to tell us the sad news, but also said that the koala had had babies, which meant that she had lived well and been healthy, if we could take any consolation from that.  The animal hospital put her out of her misery later that afternoon.

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