22 December 2012

Summer holidays are here

I had one last business trip for the year (hence rather long blog gap) and am now on summer holidays, that greatest of Australian traditions.  I've now got just over 3 weeks of pottering around, and Shaun 10 days, as we don't plan to go away but are staying home instead.  After all the travel I've done in the second half of the year, I'm thrilled at not having to leave.  We do plan to do a few day trips to see things we haven't visited in the time we've lived in Brisbane.

The first hint of summer was our local growers Christmas party.  We offered to have it here as we've got a gorgeous spot for a picnic and have yet to use it - under the trees by our dam.  With holidays commitments, we ended up with about half the gang able to come over for a relaxing Sunday lunch.  As usual, everyone brought something to share that they had made from their veggie gardens.  We made quiche, fried rice and bread to add to the festivities.

Between one thing and another, we ended up with only one child on the day, compared to the usual tribe of kids, but we were not unhappy as we were unsure how to manage being so close to the dam, which is obviously not fenced, and keeping an eye on energetic little ones.

It was a great day, as always when we get together, and I think the first of many picnics by the dam.  Our resident wild ducks even showed up for lunch, showing off their good looks and fine manners
Let the summer holidays begin.....

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