02 December 2012

How many uses can you find for cow poo?

Not only did we manage to cover patch 5 (and me) in gorgeous cow poo and straw,

we also wheel barrow many (many) loads into the raised garden bed patch, filling each one up to the brim again.  you got a sneak peak the other day, but here's a proper look

And I planted a nice crop of lettuce and celery, as well as some more spinach in the closest bed.  It looked gorgeous and even after two days, everything was leaping out of the ground, until..... one of the leghorn chooks thought it looked good to and jumped an enormous and reinforced fence to dig around. Interestingly, she didn't eat any of the veggies, this savvy girl was after all the goodies in the cow poo.  so I did manage to salvage most of it (swearing wildly I have to confess and planning all the delicious chicken dishes I could think of).  But since this girl is a layer, I let her live (it was a close thing) and put her in the far run and she confiscated her free range pass for a few days.  I finally let her out yesterday and caught her trying to jump in again.  Luckily this time, the fence is even higher, so she didn't make it over, or it could have ended badly for both of us.
I also took the opportunity to move the water chestnuts and put a fig tree in.  This area gets blasted with sun and even though there is the mandarin tree nearby and the wall of madagascar beans, it could do with some more summer shade.  So I popped in the fig tree, as it won't interfere in winter, will shade in summer, and I just love figs.  When I lifted the pot and dug up the area, the soil was to die for - rich and dark and full of the good stuff.  So the mulch is doing its work.  Hopefully the fig will be very happy here and do its job on all fronts.

So that's
1. cover for one patch,
2. filling up the raised garden
3. mulch and feed for the new fig tree.... what else could I get out of a load of poo?
The banana and paw paw circle got the rest and boy do they love it.  In less than a week since its been on, they have been stacking on the growth, so I'm hoping for good things for these little girls.

Is there a 12 step program for cow poo, as I think I might be coming an addict - I can't wait to head back to the dairy and get some more......

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