03 December 2012

What's our aquaponics system up to

Its probably time for another look at our aquaponics system.  The fish, along with everything else are growing.

Can I just say, its much harder to get a pic of fish in a feeding frenzy than you'd think.  Shaun didn't think I did much of a job capturing how big they are, and whilst I agree, they only come to the surface to feed and then its on - splashing and shoving and no glamorous photo moments.

Something that was easier to capture was Shaun taking out our monster Green Zebra tomato plant. Its given rise to a dozen clones in the veggie patch and was getting so large, that its roots were starting to clog up the pipes.  We knew this would happen and figured we would deal with it then.

So Shaun began by giving it a hair cut (collecting a couple of kgs of tomatoes whilst he was at it)
Then it was time to attack the monster

 Phew! That was hard work (for him - I just watched).  But then the real work began and it was a matter of digging out the roots that had travelled deep down into the gravel.  Once that was done, Shaun put another tomato plant in, this time a Beefsteak, but also further away from the pipes this time.


  1. looking good! Can't wait to get our system set up, maybe over the xmas break, if its not too hot to be outside....

  2. Looks great!

    I;d love to have a system like this one day.

    And sorry about the Koala :-(