04 December 2012

First fruits

Isn't it a wonderful moment when a tree that you've planted as a tiny thing finally grows up enough to bear its first fruits.  For some, its obviously much longer than others, but each time its a little thrill.  One that I've been hanging out for since we moved here and started planting is my fig tree.  I'd been watching and giving lots of tender loving care and then I got busy with other plants as she seemed to be doing fine. And of course, when you stopping looking, things happen.

How exciting - they're everywhere.  And she's getting to a size now, so plenty of figs for me if I can keep the competition away
And if you look carefully at the mango tree on the right, you can see it still has plenty of mangos, despite the storms a few weeks ago.

Do you remember the pic of my growing cherries? Well they're ripe and luscious, even if I only have two of them...
We've also got another few firsts at the moment, first beans of the season, first patty pans and first cucumber - love it!


  1. Nothing nicer than wandering into the garden and helping oneself to home grown produce to put on the dinner table.

    Well done you :)

  2. I have a little fig tree in a pot (as our garden is very small.) and it is looking very healthy - I cant wait for figs of my own.