24 November 2012

Wonderful surprises!

As you may have realised, all I seem to have done for the last few months is travel for work.  The only real pleasure of that punishing schedule is the joy of coming home.  And particularly when you have a fabulous garden that pushes on ahead without you.  My first task when I come home, before unpacking, is to take a walk around and see what's changed.  Its always a delight, but last night's meander was the best yet.  Here's why

What I thought was the standard, and beautiful, orange clivia, appears to be something else.  I'm not sure what, but it apparently comes in different colours too!

So if you know what they are, please let me know.
And this sage plant seems to have doubled in size and is putting on a show as well.  And all this beauty is in the same garden bed! I'm feeling very spoiled today.  And one last surprise was by the front door, a gift from my dear friend Carol - stunning


  1. Absolutely beautiful. And nothing better than getting out into nature at the end of our ridiculously busy, technological days, I agree :)

    Btw, I found out last year that my veggie garden did very well without my fussing round it - I've never had the tomato crop before that I had last year.

  2. So true Dani - it feeds the soul to come home to this. I'm not sure about leaving things to themselves though in our case. As when we do, the rats have a field day! I keep trying to put things out of their reach. The garden certainly grows, but so do those little buggers