26 November 2012

Wait no longer

I've been showing off my corn patch but it was time to put my money where my mouth was and pick some.  Well that and trying to get to them before the rats do.
I picked this basket full and then a few days later, a whole large bucket's worth.  So despite my fears, there are still plenty for us and I've hardly made a dent in the crop.  Corn is one of my favourites but last year I didn't have as much luck with the end result.  I excitedly opened our first ears only to find there were just a few kernels on each.  So this year I planted a bigger crop and much more of a square than the rectangle I did last year.  Then I piled the rows up much higher, laid down the irrigation pipes and then mulched the hell out of the whole patch.  Clearly that's the way to go, as when I opened this year's first ears, they were perfect.  And poor Shaun, I've been insisting that we eat them everyday (he did draw the line at breakfast though).  What's wrong with corn fritters??


  1. well done! I am so far behind, but have a few planted and growing. Last year I only harvested one ear, and it only have half its kernels. This year I too have increased the mulch, so I hope it works! If I get a good crop I will plant even more next year (and start earlier). Love corn fritters for breakfast too. If I grow enough I'd like to make corn relish, yum :)

    1. If I'm anything to go by Liz, you should get more than one ear this year. Thankfully the season is a long one and I'm tempted to plant another lot now

  2. I'm about to start harvesting in a few weeks. Looking forward to corn fritters, and creamed corn on toast, and Sweet Corn Egg Drop Soup and Sweet Corn, Chili and Lime Pikelets and Cheesy Corn and Onion Scones and sweet corn muffins.

  3. Wow - you're making me hungry! I'm still eating it on the cob with a bit of butter but tonight I'm making corn fritters. I've just picked some spring onion, parsley, spinach, tomatoes and basil to go with it