30 November 2012

Our own little salad bar

You may remember the tomato cuttings I took from the aquaponics bed, which was a Green Zebra heritage tomato variety.  Well there is a veritable forest of tomatoes growing there now and in the row behind, cucumbers.

The cucumbers are now larger, even after just a week or two and this morning I picked my first three cucumbers.  Pic to follow on that one.  Then next to the cucumber is some celery, so what with the lettuce and capsicum in the raised garden beds in the next patch, we've pretty much got our salads sorted.
The raised garden bed patch looks like she's been on a make over program, with the thick mulch, lots of straw and cow poo and fully planted out again.  The fennel, eggplant, zucchini, spring onion and chard have also appreciated the overhaul.  So summer salads here we come!

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