09 November 2012

So happy!

Shaun has installed a series of taps for me on the swales, so no more carrying big buckets of water to my little trees.  The weight of the buckets was starting to rip my elbows apart (and yes I know I could have carried less water but that would mean more trips up and down the hill, so....).  He also got me an 18mm hose, so it really delivers the goods and I can get round to all my trees in no time at all, and the hose is one of those "no kink" varieties.

And the trees are loving it too.  Not surprisingly, they are putting on a lot more growth now that they are getting a regular, deep watering.

The pecan has sprung back to life after its winter sleep and seems to be doubling the folage each week now.

And the little peach tree got so excited that she's thrown some fruit (I've taken them off as she's better focusing on growing this year)
And I've just planted all of these out.  The pumpkin has gone along the swales. The basil is in the kitchen garden with the other herbs and the rosellas, which are a bit hidden by the pumpkins, I put on the south side of the last veggie patch.  I've just dug up the potatoes and harvested and turned in the broad beans, so a great spot for the rosellas.

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