27 November 2012

A pretty shitty weekend

You know your life has changed when your idea of a hot date with your man is to head on up to the mountains for a beautiful drive to a dairy and you're more excited about the cow shit and straw you're going to collect that the amazing views.  So yes, life has changed.  But for all those gardeners out there who would feel the same, we got a huge ute load of beautifully rested straw and cow poo - I know right!

So we drove home with our treasure and decided to off load half of it into patch 5 which is currently being rested and worked over by the girls.  We thought they'd appreciate the gesture.

As it was the chicks we'd hand reared from day olds, they weren't sure about this smelly stuff falling from the sky at first and bolted off out of the paddock.  But then they warmed up to it in something akin to a shark feeding frenzy
So where was I, outside of taking photos, I hear you ask.  Well once the camera was safely stored, I was in the patch moving shit towards to fence as we weren't sure the girls would move it that far, particularly as its slightly uphill (and they tend to scratch downhill, as would I in their situation).  So Shaun would throw a shovel full and I would move some of it over.  Sounds fairly reasonable but you'd be surprised just how far nice sloshy cow shit can travel when it hits the ground from a height.  I really should have taken a photo of me when I emerged from the patch a while later.  At least it was good honest filth.

We did have two other helpers on the day.  Here is the first
Her contribution was, well, to look cute.  Its kinda what she does best.  She is my little shadow and follows me round everywhere, tragically to the bathroom as well, hoping for a pat or a scratch behind the ear.  So she was keenly supporting the unloading of the cow poo by rolling around in the lush grass nearby.  Thanks Cleo.  Though I have to say this was marginally more useful than the contribution of our other worker.
Toby loves going in the car because Toby hates being left behind.  In this instance, he wasn't taking any chances and wouldn't even come out of the car once we'd parked it by the fence.  So he sat in there by himself, in the dark with the tarp pulled back over the windscreen, but you know what, he wasn't left behind when we drove away.  Good job Toby.


  1. good shit :) love it! And all the helpers, very cute! I need to get the chickens more involved in helping and less involved in destroying....

    1. They work a treat and we love having them as farm hands

  2. There was just something about that title that made me go and read your post even though I don't have time today. Yep it's good stuff - we use guinea pig's 'manure' here and the chooks love pecking at it.

    1. I hope it was worth it! At least for a laugh