19 November 2012

kitchen garden

The main act of our veggie growing is a gentle stroll down the hill to the veggie patch, but we did put in a kitchen garden for herbs so I could dash out when I'm cooking and grab some.  I do have herbs down at the patch, but rarely get my act together before its dark to wonder what I'll cook for dinner.  The soil near the house is ordinary as its cut into the hill and therefore no real topsoil, but we hope this will improve over time.  So the growth of herbs here is a fraction of what it is down in the patch where the good soil is.

We've got thyme, oregano, rosemary, garlic chives, curry plant, sage, dill, mint and parsley in this bed. This also gets full sun, so sometimes these herbs get blasted. The second herb garden is in a shadier spot and seems to grow happily.  We've just got parsley, oregano and mint in this bed, but I seem to be collecting more from this one than the full sun one above.
The other thing I have near the kitchen is my blueberry collection.  I wasn't sure that blueberries would do OK here in Brissie when I brought them up from Sydney, but they've been fruiting wonderfully.  And you never want to go very far for your morning blueberries to add to the muesli!
The other pot is a grape plant that did all of nothing in Sydney, but in this spot is really thriving.  It obviously it can't stay here much longer, but I'm considering which fence to grow it along, as you don't want to walk far for your morning grapes either.

And lastly, this bush is on the driveway, so more for picking a snack when I walk back to the house, but the first of the cherries are in (unlike my focusing ability) but hopefully you can see the three green cherries and the little pink flower there.

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