16 November 2012

All mulched up

As promised, here are the pics of my now well mulched raised garden bed patch.  It feels weirdly spongy to walk on but I'll take my hat off to any weeds that get through the cardboard and the fat layer of mulch.

The beds are a bit sparse as we are between seasons a little.  I've let the rocket go to seed and have planted a bit of spinach for the chooks (which they get over the fence there to supplement the grass).  Then the onions are coming out today.  They are ready but as it rained quite heavily last weekend, I wanted to give them time to dry out being picking them.  I hear we are heading for rain overnight, so today is the day.  Then I want to put some of the homemade compost on the the big bed and mulch it all in before the next crop goes down.  I also trimmed the eggplant back quite a bit and its flowering madly again.  The capsicum is going for broke, which I'm very excited about.  and I've put some fennel in as well, which seems very happy too.  The borage and rosemary around the top border seems to like the chook poo that finds its way to them as they are growing wildly and the madagascar beans are on their way back on the lower fence.

Then in the patch on the other side, behind the mandarin tree you can see in the bottom pic is for watermelon.
We've put three of them in and they are still small at the moment, but they filled the whole area last year and gave us those massive watermelons that were 10 and 15 kg monsters.  So let's hope we have the same this year.  You can also see I've kept my mulch commitment here too.  So far so good.  I've been amazed at how much it improves the quality of the soil underneath.  Well worth the effort I think.


  1. nice, I love mulch too, makes a such a difference over a hot summer, and you end up with so many worms!

    1. Absolutely. Its a bit of extra effort and cost (though we do make some of our own) but really worth it.