28 November 2012

Wasn't expecting this

We brought a lot of garden stuff with us when we moved up from Sydney and one of those things was a tomato pot with water collector underneath. So I put it by the kitchen door and potted up a Roma tomato in it.  It hasn't done great things but the basil I've put at it's feet has.  I don't think the tomato gets enough sun and the basil doesn't get too much.  So now its become my basil pot with a leggy tomato trailing out of it that I ignore.  The other day, as I was giving my kitchen garden pots a bit of a water, I bent over to put some on the tomato/basil pot and was met with this

After recovering from a mild heart attack, I realised that Mr Toad (I assume Cane) had rightly decided that this was the perfect place to take up residence - drak, cool and wet.  I just wished he'd checked with me first, or at least put up a sign "Toad in Residence".  Would have saved me a few grey hairs.

But in his defence, its a pretty good spot and if he gets hungry, there's some gorgeous basil to have a go at.


  1. hilarious! I haven't seen any cane toads this season yet, but plenty of green frogs hopping around after the rain. We have one living in our letter box and I say hello every time I check the mail :)

  2. If there was a cane toad living in my mail box, someone else would be checking the post, that's for sure! I'm assuming yours is a cute green one though?

  3. I can hear your heart thumping from down here in the Riverina!! My surprises are usually blue tongues but I would rather them than snakes (which we have plenty of this season). Snakes are the reason I don't go into the sheds - probably the reason the males don't do anything about them .... keeps me out!!

    1. Ha - you're probably right! My husband would certainly agree! But yes, my little heart was thumping away as I was down quite close to get the hose into the little hole, so I literally came face to face with that gorgeous fellow. It was funny afterwards though....