24 May 2014

How things have grown

I've been very focused on fencing and sheep for a while now and its amazing to see how fast thing grow when you don't watch them. Below is the swale that I cleaned up and planted out in February.

And here is the one I did in December and January. The bok choy seeds I threw around have gone gang busters adn the pidgeon pea has shot up. The lone little banana that I put there for fun is looking a lot happier and the tamarillos are enjoying themselves.

Here is a nitrogen fixer that a friend gave me as a seed last year. I planted it out in January and look at he size of it now.  And the bees love it! you get another look at all the bok choy in this shot.
 The pomegranite has really taken off since the grass came out and the horse poo and mulch went down (not surprisingly).
The paw paw has shot up and has some serious fruit on it, though you can't quite see at this angle
And lastly, there's lemons everywhere on the tree - where di they come from??  I really wasn't looking...


  1. Very impressive!
    Your climate must be wonderful to grow fruit trees in.