22 October 2013

New entrants

A few things have aligned in recent weeks to allow some new entrants into our food chain here at Barefoot Cottage.  We've been working hard to clear and new areas of the food forest and we've been to two markets, one being the local market where they are a few store holders who breed local natives and the other being the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc (or BOGI) fair.  So we've been able to pick up a few additions and plant them out in our new areas of the food forest.
The first new face is a wonderful native elderberry or a honey bush.  After having seen many episodes of River Cottage, we are wondering if we'll be able to make elderberry wine or something similarly alcoholic from the flowers.

20 October 2013

View from the verandah

For something a little different, I've taken some shots from the verandah.  As we live in a valley, the verandah gives us a wonderful aspect through the trees and out onto the property.  As I'm mostly in the garden, I don't spend as much time enjoying those views as I'd like, but I live under the fantasy that once the food forest is more established, I'll have more time to park off.  We'll see.

This is the size of the verandah and one of the things that attracted me to the house.  Some of the trees beyond are ours and others belong to the neighbour, whose boundary fence (but not his house) is quite close, and he took a barren piece of hill and turned it into a forest of his own.
Looking out in the other direction, you can see some of the trees that the birds love to pop into for a snack. You can also catch a glimpse of the pool in the bottom right hand corner, which is quite filthy right now as we let it go over winter.

06 October 2013

Planting out

A few weeks ago I took some pics of the nursery.  Everything was thriving and so I've done a bit of planting out.  I also wanted more space to plant other seeds, so it was time, ready or not.  Firstly, the tomatoes went in.  They are a heritage breed called money maker.