14 May 2011

Wattles Down!

After many more 'How To' videos on cutting down large trees, I did what anyone on 'Who want's to be a millionaire' and other game shows would do - phoned a friend. :)

Thankfully he was free and could come around on Friday to give me a hand. Strictly speaking, one shouldn't be cutting down trees alone so I was glad to have the company.

11 May 2011

One Tree Hill

After many hours of instructional videos and reading of 'How To' guides (since Sunday), I decided to start up the Woodboss. To say that I am nervous about attempting the big wattles is an understatement as everything I have read/watched leads me to believe that they are not 'beginner' trees to cut down. I had even tried to book a chainsaw course but they were either booked until June or just too far from away.

So I thought I would start with something a little more simple, something like this:

08 May 2011

Something A Little More Serious

Up on the orchard slope (where the swales are), there are 2 really big/old black wattles and 1 soon to be large wild fig that are throwing too much shade and need to go. After receiving 2 quotes to remove the trees (which were a lot more than I thought, but then again I had no idea as to what the cost would be), my father (who was up on business) said that I should just buy a chainsaw and do it myself. I had planned to get a chainsaw, but just not yet as I was doing most branch/small tree removal with a hand saw. My father then offered to pay for the chainsaw and I had no reason not to get one!

01 May 2011


We have had the chooks less than 2 weeks and 3 of the 4 Leghorns are pretty much in full production. In fact "Roo" (the biggest/oldest Leghorn) popped out her first little egg after 2 days in her new home. Needless to say, I was a happy 'dad'.

Here are a few eggs shots:
Roo's first and latest eggs Roo's eggs - size progressComparing against store bought