29 January 2013

A Cyclone Comes to Town

The cyclone has been and gone and we are feeling a little battered. The power has just come back on after days without it.  We haven't had a chance to upload the photos as yet, so I'll post those shortly.  It's been a dizzy ride but fortunately the house only suffered a leak in the roof and some flowing underneath.  The property took a pounding though.  And sadly we lost the fish in the aquaponics system. Shaun had a small back up generator but it couldn't keep going for more than a day.  I'm off to the airport now and will blog properly when I'm back from the year's first work trip.   I hope you are all safe and sound.

16 January 2013

Two worm farms and a watermelon

Firstly, I have to do a little bragging.  The largest of our watermelons that I've been photographing finally matured and was ready to harvest.  I'd been checking the spoon for a while and I was glad to see that it had finally browned off.  The main reason being that if this puppy grew any bigger, I wouldn't be able to pick it up!  So here she is, all 15.5 kgs of her
Its like having a massive dinosaur egg on the kitchen table.  Now we've done the official photos, its time to cut it up and have the taste test.  I'll let you know....

13 January 2013

A Christmas present finds a home

We'd been discussing a name for the property since we bought it almost two years ago.  So now its official
Shaun hung it on the wall, just outside the front door, as you come up the driveway.  I love it

12 January 2013

Today's harvest

Despite all the heat and not much really going on in the garden except survival, we are still harvesting.  Here is a glimpse of what we've got going on
When I was down doing a water this morning, I filled up my T-shirt front (which is what you do when you forget your basket, and you can flash a pale belly to the neighbours - very attractive) with the ripe green zebras.  For whatever reason, the rats have been leaving them alone of late and so a number are now growing large and ripening on the vine.  Yesterday, this dish was full to overflowing with tomatoes from the last week or so, so I decided to make passata. Its a bit weird, being green and all, but I'll let you know how it tastes in pasta after tonight

10 January 2013

One day at a time

With the heatwave well and truly in our neck of the woods at the moment, there's little going on beyond watering and mulching (and watering and mulching).  So far so good though, as we haven't lost anything.  In fact, it seems as if the watermelons are up for a bit of heat as they continue to grow regardless.  And grow they do

06 January 2013

Aquaponics goes troppo

A few months back we took out the massive Green Zebra tomato plant (keeping in mind we have about 10 plants now yielding in the veggie patch) to make room for some new plantings.  Then it looked like this, as the new seedlings were taking root.

04 January 2013

Summer projects part 3

Since we were in mulching heaven, we just decided to keep going.  You might remember the stairs that go from the house to the pool, through the little tropical garden.  But at the bottom of the stairs is a pathway along the pool fence that is weedy and horrible.  I've weeded it in the past and used those weeds to try and mulch the path to keep future weeds down.  That didn't really work, so we've now tried this instead.

03 January 2013

Summer projects part 2

We've really been putting in the hours (early morning and late afternoon, given the heat) to make the most of the holidays.  I'm sure once the property is more established we'll go back to taking holidays like normal people.  But in the meantime, here's another project we've been working on.

02 January 2013

At last!

We've been waiting, watering and watching and finally, our first bananas have emerged.  I know its not very exciting if you've had bananas for years, but these are our first.
And while I was doing a happy dance about this one, I noticed a second one too!