15 February 2014

What's coming to a table near me

Whilst most of my attention has been gonig to clearing new areas of the food forest, other plants have still been busy doing what they do.  So here's a glimpse of what's on the way. We've got five banana circles now with four hands of bananas busy ripening and getting fat.  Three are in the first circle I put in - can you spot them in the first photo below?

This last photo is our newest circle.  I've put it at the bottom of the courseway through which all the water from the gully flows when it rains.  So hopefully it will trap all that moisture and make bananas out of it.  We also have arrowroot growing here, so its not an overload of dwarf bananas. But the system does require rain....
Here is our first watermelon.  We've had many start but this is the first to finish.  Between the big dry and perhaps a soil deficiency in another patch, this is the only one to make it to this point.  The good news is there is another one not far behind it.  I'm guessing this one will be about 12 kg.

There are pumpkins and butternuts everywhere now in all shapes and sizes.  We've harvested a few but its going to be a great winter for pumpkin soup, roast pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin, fetta and rocket salad and so on
The zucchinis are still producing for now, the madagascar beans are just coming in on the trellis above them and the next crop of tomoatoes along the fence are just setting fruit.  So we're still hanging in there despite the heat and the dry (and the lack of attention)

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