15 January 2014

What's potting

I was out removing more grass today (surprise, surprise but more on that in the next post) and low and behold - apples

The grass was so long and I wasn't looking at this swale until I was ready to remove the grass, so I completely missed them.  How exciting!  But I'm thinking the birds may be as excited as I am.  So I'm improvising with this (and I wasn't wearing those stockings anyway)
So we'll see how it goes.  And in the spirit of wondering what else is hiding in the garden, I did a wander around.
I took this pic and then promptly ate all of them (don't tell Shaun) and they were delicious.
I now have about five tamarillo trees growing in the food forest but this is the oldest one and the only one with ripening fruit.
And there is one last sunflower hiding under the peanut butter tree (yes, that's its name - guess what the fruit tastes like) after the cockatoos and the king parrots have been through.

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