20 September 2012

We'll never starve

For those of you who grow your own food, perhaps you feel like me.  When I go to the garden with my big basket and walk around the veggie patch seeing what's ready.  Then after five minutes or an hour, I walk back up to the house loaded with food.  At these moments I feel extraordinary rich and say to myself (often out loud, which I know is a sign of madness) that "we'll never starve".

I had just one of those moments when I went to the patch after having been away in New Zealand for work.  Here is a pick of my basket

And when it was laid out on the kitchen chopping board, it looked like this (save the garlic, which I laid out to dry)
Did I mention that I found a HUGE mushroom in the mushroom compost we put on top of the raised garden beds?  Well, I did and check out the size of it.  It took two days to use it up in omlettes and a chicken pie.
The strawberries have really come on in the last week or two and I found a whole bowl's worth waiting for me (and a couple of cherry tomatoes thrown in)
I didn't take a picture of the bowl of mulberries, but they went on my muesli too.


  1. Your produce looks wonderful. I love the feeling that picking my own veggies gives me too :)

    Dunno with my patch if we'd NEVER starve, but I'm certainly helping supplement our food purchases :)

  2. wow, I'm impressed with the strawberries and the mushroom! I love going to the garden and picking food. Sometimes I'm disappointed that I picked too much the day before and I don't really need to pick anything new, but I do anyway.... the chickens and cow can always have something from the garden anyway! There's always something to eat, I think the challenge now is to get the timing right so that there is variety all year.