02 October 2012

That was unexpected

I know I shouldn't be too surprised, given where we live, but we were out on the verandah with friends the other day (looking at my painting handiwork) when Shaun spotted a snake in the palm in front of us. So we went a bit closer to have a look....

Yep, a nice two metres Carpet Python.  Thankfully, pythons are very welcome around here as they eat the mice and rats but not us.  And apparently they are territorial, so he'll be around permanently.  We know we have a larger one in the roof, so maybe this is the boyfriend....


  1. wow , he looks beautiful. I had a snake experience too this week. I was walking along doing a farm stay tour ...talking to the visitors and not looking where I was going. Next thing a black snake was weaving its way between my feet!

    1. He is a beauty (if you like that kind of thing - and some of my friends definitely don't). Though I think I'd rather spot a python in a tree than a black snake weaving its way between my feet!!!! Eeek.