02 September 2012

A trip to Australia Zoo

I had a week's leave and my Mum came for a visit.  She was more than happy to enjoy the property, read and wander down to see what I was doing in the veggie patch.  But this trip, the thing that she did want to do was to visit Australia Zoo.  We took a drive up to Maleny last time she was here and we drove past the sign on the way, so Mum was keen to check it out.  Despite offering our teenage son the rare opportunity to join his mother and grandmother at the zoo, he strangely turned us down and with Shaun at work, we decided it was mother daughter day.  Here are some of the highlights....

The wombats were adorable but the keeper did tell us they can run at break neck speeds and would mind taking a chunk out of your leg if you got in their way, so we let them get on with eating their breakfast.  Later in the day we saw one out for a walk with his keeper, on a lead...
 The elephants were coming up for a feed.  We spent 5 days at Taro Elephant Park in Bali two years ago (which was amazing) so we have a real soft spot for them.

We couldn't miss the croc show.  Those babies are huge!

And then we had a pat of the koalas and the kangaroos.  That's Mum there getting friendly.  There was lots to see and everything seemed to be in well maintained enclosures (as zoos go), but it was the staff that stood out for us.  They were very engaging, ready for a chat and really seem to love what they do. Oh, and we also saw a cheetah going for a walk in the mango forest, but of course didn't have the camera in hand when that happened.

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  1. Maleny is one of our favourite holiday destinations when we can get away from the farm...just love the Sunshine coast.
    We have special memories of Australia Zoo ...we took the kids there when they were little. A great place to visit.
    Looks like you all had fun.