16 September 2012

Back from my travels

I had a week in New Zealand for work, with back to back meetings and a blackberry.  So no chance to blog.  But now I'm back and have shaken off the coats and scarves and put on my shorts and T-shirt and am back into it.  I'll take some photos today of what's been going on in my absence, but here is what I was busy with last weekend.

You might remember a few photos I took of the path up to the house.  And whilst you can see the stairs to the verandah, what you can't see if that the posts were so rotten that no-one could use them.  They were a real safety issue and had to be dealt with.

So we finally found a carpenter who could rebuild them for us, and over a few weekends, he fixed it up beautifully.
The steps themselves were solid as a rock, but the posts, landing and handrails were horribly rotten, so they all had to go.  And I can't stand the black metal balustrade which make the house look dark and ugly (with a bit of help from the ugly green paint), so we asked the carpenter to put in the beautiful Queenslander handrails and balustrades while he was at it.  And then it was up to me to paint them.  Hence what I was doing last weekend, and this weekend and next I suspect.

Its going to look gorgeous (I hope) when I'm finished.....

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