17 September 2012

Garlic anyone?

Its our first attempt at growing garlic (not sure why I never tried it before) and we decided to go wild.  We planted 8 rows of the gorgeous stuff and its been growing beautifully all year.  We planted two types, the smaller purple garlic and the larger elephant garlic.  The elephant has been looking the best with the purple garlic looking a bit wimpy in comparison.  A few weeks ago, the purple started to die back and I didn't know if it was the drought we are currently in or whether it was time (seemed a wee bit early).  But yesterday, I decided to dig one up and see....

We got a couple of kgs of the stuff and its only about a quarter of what's planted.  Very exciting.  Then we had to work out how and where to dry it.  The coolest, airiest spot seemed to be the table on the patio, so we are giving that a go.
The next step is to go to Kate's blog at Purple Pear and give myself a refresher course on how Mark braids them.  So, garlic anyone??


  1. Very Cool - mine is still in the ground - due to be lifted in December...

    1. Hopefully it hasn't been affected by all the rain you've had....