27 August 2012

Mushroom compost

After visiting the first farm on the Sunshine Coast, we picked up some of their mushroom compost that the farmers were selling.  They grow several different types of mushrooms organically and so don't use salt on their mushroom growing medium.  The salt is the problem with a lot of mushroom compost that can be bought and you want to be quite picky with what you get and were you get it.  So it was great to see the operation ourselves and then know it was organic mushroom compost.  We filled the back of the Subaru (wishing we'd brought the ute) and took 12 bags home for our raised garden beds.

I had rocket and coriander in this beds and just chopped it up and put the compost on top, as both will condition the soil.  On the weekend we had our local growers monthly get together and one of our friends bought a huge bag of Bok Choy seeds, so we might sprinkle some here next weekend.  The chickens love Bok Choy, as do we.


  1. Looks great! I wonder will you get some mushrooms coming up along with your bok choy.

  2. If they sell the compost in its mushroom propagation bags (i.e. don't damage the mycelium too much) & don't heat treat the compost before selling it - you can grow your own mushrooms in it http://www.littleecofootprints.com/2010/07/growing-mushrooms.html.

    Our new property is near a mushroom farm. I'm looking forward to being able to use loads of cheap mushroom compost on the garden.