11 August 2012

Our local growers group

We feel incredibly fortunate that even before we moved here, we were introduced to the local growers group.  This wonderful group of families are all aiming to be as self-sufficent as possible, just as we are, and they have become the core of our community here.  Our garden is full of gifts from our new friends; raspberries, arrowroot, comfrey, bananas, citrus trees, galangal, nut trees, cherries and herbs of all varieties.  Our kitchen is full of food they made from scratch with their own produce or the produce itself and our seed collection is equally full of their generosity. Its a wonderful way to live.  We share our thoughts and questions via email during the week, as the group is full of people with the most amazing knowledge.  And any of them are there is you need a hand with a big task on the property.  We hope we have returned this friendship and certainly feel this group has created a supportive community for us in an amazingly short time.  It astonishes me that the growing of healthy food builds community so deeply, but it does.

We recently celebrated the annual tradition of Christmas in July, with everyone bringing a dish or two that they had made with their own produce.  It was an astonishing feast in the beautiful garden of one of the families and the perfect way to spend a Sunday.  We had a ideal Brisbane day under the warm sun and wide blue skies.  Life's good.


  1. Isn't it lovely having a group of like minded friends. We had our sustainability meeting and I felt so uplifted by the groups enthusiasm and zest for life. It seems as though people that are interested in this way of life just never think negatively and I love being around that great energy.
    Your Christmas in July celebration looks delicious.

  2. Its very special if you can find it. And the food at our lunch was delicious. It was wonderful to feel full but know it was with the good stuff!