10 August 2012

Bruiser is settling in

Our new Light Sussex rooster, Bruiser, is settling in nicely.  Despite being absolutely enormous, he is kind to his ladies, let's them eat before him but still shows them who's boss on the bedroom front.  We have him in a separate coop, one which is quite small so it keeps him from standing up and crowing the minute he wakes.  His previous owners said he used to sleep in the cupboard in the garage for that reason.  But he seems to like the "Sydney House" and went straight back in after his first night.

The Sydney House is our original chicken coop from when we lived in Sydney.  This was the night time home to our four chooks, which makes it just the right size for one monster rooster.  Interestingly, the girls have started laying in the boxes rather than in the larger coop.  Is it Bruiser's animal magnetism??
Bruiser was SO excited to get into the little girls run.  They had all fled by this time for their afternoon free ranging and Bruiser jumped over and had a look around.  He made sure to sample their food to make sure it wasn't superior and eventually made his way onto the lawn.  He's often in there in the afternoons now, just establishing ownership I suspect.
Here he is on the lawn outside.  More to eat, and yet he thought the run was the place to be.
And afterwards, a big old crow was in order.  Life's good.

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