17 August 2012

Is it just me?

I don't know why, but this wall gives me a lot of pleasure.  I love sandstone and the guy did such a nice job of it.  We now have three such walls on this slope, one on the driveway, one below it above the pool and this one just below that.  I also like that the walls repeat - the symmetry of them.

Other things I like around the place, that seem to give me disproportionate pleasure are:
digging up some ginger 
(or anything that's underground for that matter - I'm always so surprised that its there)
waiting for the first fruits
the other birds and animals that call this place home too

What little things make you disproportionately happy?

1 comment:

  1. I so get this post...so it is not just you. It is the same reason I can walk out to the clothes line and then come back 30 mins later to actually hanging the clothes out because I have been marvelling over new seedings coming up or counting how many pumpkins I will have this summer- it's like a drug , a very good good drug.