23 August 2012

Farm Tour - part 2

The second farm we saw on this weekend's farm tour was situated on 50 steep acres on the Sunshine Coast and is a full family business.  One son runs the mushroom business and the other is growing a wide variety of crops over the rolling hills.  The parents, who ran the farm for most of their lives, now concentrate on the marketing and sales side of the business, selling direct to the public at several Sunshine Coast markets as well as delivering produce to Food Connect. They are also chemical free and use organic approaches to growing food, after observing the impacts of chemicals on the soil over time.  The farm used to be a pineapple farm, but now grows a dozen different crops.  But the pineapples are still there

Next to the pineapples are a new paddock of lime trees.
From here, we went over the hill to see the strawberries and brassicas

And here's a pic of Darren, the son responsible for these beautiful crops
He's been busy planting out this new paddock as well.  Did you know the plastic they use to keep the weeds down is biodegradable?
Then finally we went through a rainforest to the back paddock, which Darren has planted out with more kale and broccoli as well as his new experiment, passionfruit
One day - two fantastic farms!

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