03 January 2013

Summer projects part 2

We've really been putting in the hours (early morning and late afternoon, given the heat) to make the most of the holidays.  I'm sure once the property is more established we'll go back to taking holidays like normal people.  But in the meantime, here's another project we've been working on.

There was a fig tree that had grown in the stump of an old wattle and really made the most of the opportunity, as they do.  It was time to take it out as it was no doubt drinking up all the water that the swales were helping to store up.  So Shaun took his chain saw to it and then used our new Christmas present to make this
Then we used to larger branches to edge our new path
Then it was a trip to the municipal dump to get a huge ute load of mulch and viola

We did one long path along the contour between two swales and then two smaller paths over each swale.  The dogs were also very helpful, sitting nearby watching loads of mulched being dumped on the new path and then christening the paths when they were finished with a happy little trot along each of them.  The upside of the path, besides making sure you don't step on anything you're trying to grow, is also to divide up the areas, making it easier (at least in your head) to focus on one at a time and getting it properly planted up.  There lots of grass to remove and understory to try and re-establish after the first two lots of green manure crops were overtaken by grass and cobblers peg.

And here is the second bunch of bananas I said were on their way.... just in case you didn't believe me

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