04 January 2013

Summer projects part 3

Since we were in mulching heaven, we just decided to keep going.  You might remember the stairs that go from the house to the pool, through the little tropical garden.  But at the bottom of the stairs is a pathway along the pool fence that is weedy and horrible.  I've weeded it in the past and used those weeds to try and mulch the path to keep future weeds down.  That didn't really work, so we've now tried this instead.

It will need to settle down a bit as the mulch is still pretty spongy but hopefully very little will grow up through this lot.  As you can see on the top right of the photo, I've also been clearing the grass on the bank above the hay bales and am now in the middle of planting some azaleas there for colour.  Above this path are some citrus trees, which will be fabulous, but it will be lovely to have some colour along the path.
And so now its a scenic walk up to the house, and an easier walk that the steep part of the driveway that kicks up between the pool and the house.
And the mulching frenzy didn't stop there!  We kept going on the other side of the pool too.  I had planted some palms there and despite the weeding I did at the time, of course it all came back.  So now I've laid down lots of newspaper and mulched the hell out of it.  So take that weeds
And once it's settled down, I'll plant a ground cover there as well.  Little by little, we're bringing the property back to its former glory.  Our neighbours told us it was once the most beautiful property in the street.  Hard to believe when we moved in to be honest, but with a few years of TLC, we'll see....

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