04 October 2012

beautiful things

Sometimes (well, most of the time) I get caught up in thinking about the productivity of the property and all the jobs I have to do to make that happen.  But some days, it's worth just looking at the beautiful things you normally march straight past, shovel in hand.  So let me share them with you.
How gorgeous do the mango flowers look?  Instead of wondering if I'll get any fruit this year, I can just appreciate the flowers as they are.

I'm amazed at how well the pineapple sage is growing as I only put it in 4-5 weeks ago.  Its a beautiful triffid.
I love plumbego.  I used to grow it in South Africa, when I lived there.  We have it near the aquponics system and hopefully it attracts the bees.
I let one spring onion go to seed and this is its second round of flowers.  They are gorgeous.
This comfrey near the orange tree has been looking pretty scruffy but its just come back to good health.
All the stunning purple lillies are back on the dam.  You can't see their true colour here but they are an amazing purple.  We did see an eel in the dam on the weekend, so we'll enjoy the lillies from the edge I think.

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