07 October 2012

Now that's an egg

As we have relatively young girls who are now laying, we have a higher number than normal of double yoker eggs.  But they're not just double yokers, they are jumbo doubles.

The one on the left is big enough, but the one on the right is ridiculous!  And both came from relatively small chickens.  Ironically, our smallest chooks lay our largest eggs and visa versa.  Here's how these two looked in the pan moments later
And don't you love how orange they are?  The secret to such orange eggs is greens.  Our girls eat lots of kale, spinach, lettuce, grass and a variety of weeds and these greens make up about half their diet.  The chlorophyll in these greens improves the nutritional content, making them real super foods.  Most of the eggs you'll see in supermarkets are produced in the absence of these greens, hence the different colour.  So these fabulous eggs are the centre of our diet, with even our dogs getting in on the act.  We've noticed that since they've been eating these eggs, their coats have improved dramatically in condition.  Maybe the same is true of my hair and skin??  We can only hope.


  1. Hi Energizer bunny,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, and as a result I now have found another lovely blog to follow. I see you have lots of space for chickens and bees and aquaponics. Gosh I am going to have lots of fun following along on your adventures.

    1. So nice to hear from you. i've been popping into your blog all year to see your gorgeous garden. And yes, we are very lucky to have so much space. We moved from Sydney to Brissie so we could get five acres to work with and are so glad we did.