05 October 2012

Aquaponics update

In case you were wondering how the aquaponics system is going, here's an update.  The fish are now eating up a storm, and growing to match, so we're looking forward to our first meal of Jade Perch in mid-summer.  We also cleared out the finished bed of lettuce and beans and planted it up freshly.  Here is how the lettuce is looking now
They seem to be getting bigger on a daily basis and we've got some spring onion and some kale in there as well.  They seem to be getting bigger each day.

You might remember our triffid Green Zebra tomato plant.  Shaun gave it another major hair cut, with another four cuttings going into the veggie patch as I couldn't bare to just compost them.  But as with all haircuts, its encouraged new growth and the number of tomatoes has since quadrupled.  As its the first time we've grown this heritage variety, we didn't know they didn't go red (the name should have been a give away).  They just yellow up a little and get soft and plump.
And the bed that we haven't touched is looking lush as always.  I've just harvested spinach for the kitchen and a little for the chickens.  Shaun was worried for a bit that it wasn't growing as fast as he'd hoped, then he saw me walking off to the chickens with a huge handful.
We've got two types of chard in there, two roma tomato plants which are both in fruit, some sage in flower at the front left, a few little spring onions and one last broccoli.  The fish tank is there in the background but you can't really see it anymore.

And there is always the wonderful sound of the water flowing through the system as I fall asleep, as the system is right outside our bedroom window.

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