06 October 2012

Still growing despite the big dry

All sorts of lovely things are busy growing, getting ready for the summer.  We've put three extra tanks on the property to collect as much rainwater as possible and so we've been keeping the water up to the veggie path and the food forest with tank water.  And despite the heat wave this week, all is still looking healthy.

The Japanese millet we are growing for chook food and mulch has really taken off.  It won't be long before it goes to seed, then the girls will get that and I'll mulch this part of the patch, ready for the next crop.

We are growing two types of onions in patch 1.  I plant them in little clumps because it's easier, though Milkwood use this method in their market garden.  Not long and they'll be ready to harvest.  Can't wait.
The corn in patch 3 is coming along nicely.  I'll be planting the climbing beans tomorrow so they can use the corn stalks for support.  It worked well for us last year, so we are going again.
And lastly, my little rows of lettuce are still hanging in there.  They are near the millet and so the row next to this one gets some welcome shade.  But this row is full sun.  They are growing faster and will be ready to pick soon - which is a good thing as they'll start to bolt as the weather hots up.

How is your garden bearing up in these conditions?

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