14 July 2012

Winter veggies

We did lots of winter planting from seed this year - black kale, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots (orange and purple, just for fun), leeks, onions, spring onions, peas, garlic, beetroot, herbs, potatoes and broad beans.  Everything is coming along nicely and we have been harvesting lots of yummy veggies.

We've probably gone overboard with the garlic, planting close to 200 cloves, but you can never have enough of the stuff right?  We've got got lots of potatoes growing with the broad beans, as they do quite well together.  Behind the garlic rows are a mix of peas, beetroot, cauliflower, coriander and spinach.  and you can see the passionfruit trailing along the fence line.  They are just starting to purple up, so we've been consulting the recipe book.
In this patch, we've got more potatoes and broad bean, and they seem to be going stronger here.  The peas are climbing up the fence and we've been getting some gorgeous peas from them.  Next to the broad beans are a row of brassicas, then a row of carrots, onions and leeks with few spinach plants thrown in the mix.  I've got more peas at the top of this patch as well, just out of camera, as they're probably my favourite winter veggie. Funnily enough, the vegetable that outsmarted me in Sydney is still managing to do it here too. Ah well, still tastes good....
Then the banana and paw paw circle is getting more established.  And the arrowroot is making a nice edge for the garlic patch.

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