27 July 2012

Street Appeal

Whilst we aren't on the street, I'd still like to entrance to the house to be attractive.  Our house is on the side of the hill in the little valley we're located in and so the driveway climbs up and opens out into the garage entrance but there's only really room for two cars.  So when visitors come, they often park on the grass in front of the pool and then walk up to the house.  But instead of hiking up this somewhat steep section of the driveway, there are stairs through the garden which I think makes a much nice entrance to the house.  So I've been trying to improve that area of the garden and its slowly looking better.  Its a combination of taking out plants that don't fit the tropical feel and putting in some more that do.  See what you think

I also found a little pond (you can just see the stones on the left of the pathway in the photo above) that the previous owners must have built and with a little TLC its starting to look better
Then if you keep walking up it opens out a bit more

 And then at the top of the stairs, I've been planting bromeliads and then planting out their pups. I also put in a few cuttings from a friend's garden for a bit more colour. And that's a bay tree that you can see in the middle.

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