30 July 2012

We may not have a cat but....

We've had a mouse problem in our kitchen of late (we hear its a bit of a problem in our area but that doesn't make me feel a lot better).  I was sitting in the kitchen working on the laptop the other day and one was climbing down the corner of the built in kitchen cupboard - what the hell was it clinging on to??  Anyway, they appear to be defying gravity, disappearing into tin air and hiding inside the smallest of cavities.  It sounds like a job for a wee cheetie, and in the absence of a cat, perhaps a very enthusiastic cocker spaniel called Toby.
If you look carefully, you'll see a little tail and perhaps a foot hanging out of young Toby's mouth in this shot.  He managed to catch three in one night!  They were dashing between the rear of the fridge and the gap underneath the dishwasher and Toby managed to grab three of the four we saw that night.  Cleo, our other spaniel, was equally excited about the hunt but a bit slower off the mark and one mouse jumped out of the back of the fridge, ran over her head and down her back before she'd even worked out what had happened.  At least she's pretty.

Since then, the mice seem to be disinclined to swarm, but we have seen one or two and have left a few traps out.  And Toby narrowly missed one the other night.  But all we are seeing now is the little parcels they leave here and there in the morning.  Not what I like to see when I'm making breakfast.


  1. We had a year where they were everywhere on the farm, when we were living in an old farm house.They even made a nest inside the lounge! That's when we got a cat ...although cockerspaniels seem just as good and very cute.

  2. Ew! Maybe I shouldn't be so put off that they are hanging off the kitchen cupboards. But young Toby managed to catch another one in the pantry last night - good dog.