22 July 2012

Big picture view

I've been doing a bit of landscaping around the pool (read "hacking out the long grass and planting some palms").  Whilst doing this, I've realised its quite a lovely view of our veggie patches and chicken runs.  It  lets you see the big picture on what we're trying to do.  We put the first chicken run in the middle of five veggie patches, and once they were all up and under production, we built the second chicken run.  The second run will now be for our layers and the first run will be for our meat birds.

So you can see the first chook pen on the left and the second, larger one, on the right.  You can also see the slab for our new shed on the right there.  Then up the slope behind is our food forest (well, it will be in the fullness of time).  In the photo below you can also see two of our three banana circles on the far side of the patch.
The space in front of the veggie patch has been earmarked by Shaun for a larger aquaponics system, using the new shed to hold the fish tanks and then running a grow tunnel out along the flat area for all the veggies.  That one's quite a bit down the list of things to do, but he's not risking me colonising the flat in the meantime.
And here are the palms I've planted near the pool, just in case you're interested.

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