23 July 2012

More weeding and other acts of transformation

In my recent frenzy of activity, I've also tidied up the driveway and the fence next to the patch.  The driveway was full of ferns poking out of every nook and cranny in the retaining wall, nicely offset by numerous weeds.  Very attractive on the street appeal front (even though you can't actually see it from the street, you know what I mean).  So it was lots of weeding, a few trips to the chicken run, then a bit of planting....much better

And then there is the surrounds of the patch.  The grass has been growing to head height around the fence and slowly I've been working to change that.  Last year when I moved up, I planted some cardamon that I had in Sydney.  It did well, even in full sun, but the grass was threatening to overtake it.  So I hacked it all back, dug up the roots and mulched it.  Its now looking much better and after a similar treatment to the other side, there's just one more that needed work.  So I dug that up last weekend and planted a neat row of rosemary.  Of course, when we let the chooks out for a bit of a roam around, they went straight there and dug up all the mulch.  So Shaun came up with a compromise in the form of a nice piece of fencing work
Now they can have all that lawn to free range in the afternoon and I get to keep my rosemary patch to myself (I'm sure it will look more impressive in time...)

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