08 June 2013

RIP Bruiser

For some unknown reason, our fabulous rooster Bruiser died on Thursday.  When I came home from work, I popped in to check on the chickens and found him curled up underneath the passion fruit vine.  There was no visible sign of trauma and he's been his usual energetic self in the morning, romancing the girls, jumping over fences....
He was a gentle fellow and I felt so sad that he wasn't with us anymore.

Today, our friends Jason and Vanessa (in fact it was Vanessa who helped us find Bruiser in the first place) lent us their Light Sussex rooster, who seems to have taken a dislike to their two year old son.  So he's on holiday with us for a while to see if the girls take a shine to him.  Strangely, they seemed quite clingy after losing Bruiser, so maybe they like having a man around the place.  We'll see.


  1. What a shame. Occasionally chickens seem to just drop dead, it happens to us too. Glad you have a potential replacement already :)

  2. Hi Liz. He was such a big healthy boy so it was quite a surprise. But he certainly had a happy life. It does feel slightly disloyal to have a new rooster a few days later but I think the girls might be happier.