22 June 2013

Feeding the soul

The parts so the garden that don't feed the body feed the soul.  Having said that, I probably don't give as much attention to these corners as I could.  But they are certainly coming along.  My dear friend Linda let me rummage through her rain forest garden with her to harvest a massive car load of bromeliads for my own little tropical haven.  They've made themselves at home and have been flowering, much to my delight.

And its amazing how quickly so many plants can be absorbed into a garden, but its certainly looking more established as a result (can you spot our dog Cleo?)

And if you remember, I tidied up the driveway and popped in some lavender along the retaining wall.  These are nicely established now and have even had a few haircuts.
Then there is my citrus grove on the driveway as well.  They are all nicely settled in these days and the azaleas are flowering madly.  I've also started the companion planting and now put in lots of comfrey, mint and yarrow (not in this photo but since)
The heavy mulching I did on the pathway has worked brilliantly and its now a great thoroughfare. So now I'll be able to choose to stroll through the forest or pick an orange as I saunter (really, its more like stagger) up the driveway after a day in the garden.

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