01 June 2013

Its been too long

You may have thought I'd given up after the cyclone but I think I just got out of the habit of taking photos and blogging.  I did take some photos just over a month ago, so I guess that's the place to start to bring things up to date.  With all the rain, things have been growing well and none better than the passionfruit that's growing over the chook run. This is the one that we have given absolutely no love or attention to and yet has grown gangbusters (and there's probably a lesson in that).

And boy are there a lot of passion fruit!  The bush rats seem to enjoy them too so its lucky there's plenyt to share.  The vines has grown up and over the 7x7m run and if you include the surface area of the slides, its probably covering about 80m square.  Not bad for one little vines.

I've also tried loofahs for the first time and they are growing happily.  We have about a dozen along the fence, we we'll be one very clean family using these puppies in the shower.
The sweet potato is going gangbusters as well and has all but taken over one patch.  Pretty good going when I don't remember planting any there.  I'll dig a few up soon.
Last year my winter veggies were hammered by the white caterpillar moths and their young so this year I thought I'd give a few polytunnels a go and see how it went. This is what they looked like not long after going in.

 Both tunnels are now full of broccoli, cauliflower and kale but somehow the pesky little moths have still managed to lay a few eggs.  I pulled out half a dozen caterpillars this morning, but at least the chooks appreciated it.  The lattice is also full of peas now and I have two rows of garlic growing happily on the far side.  The potatoes in between the tunnel and the lattice have been mounded up twice now and two of them are dying back, so there'll be a potato harvest soon.

So all's well in the land of Barefoot Bounty


  1. I missed your posts and wondered what had happened to you! Though I get like that too and get too busy to blog.
    Your place looks so green! Our farm is quite dry and brown looking at the moment.
    I have been netting my broccoli too , though I haven't had caterpillars inside the net..I had better go and check!

  2. Thanks Kim. Sometimes it just gets away from you. Work has been really busy and a bit tumultuous, so that's taken my eye off the ball a bit. And yes, our place always looks green, even when other parts of the valley doesn't. Wish I could claim credit but its just like that. But we are still having plenty of rain despite it being dry season. So its green everywhere up here at the moment.