21 June 2013

Another garden altogether

I recently went to Singapore to speak at the global Impact Investment Forum and added a day to the trip to go and see the amazing Gardens by the Bay.  Its relatively new and so will only get better with time, but I have to say I couldn't have been more impressed.  There are a series of gardens that represent all the cultures that make up Singapore, including the cultural, culinary and spiritual uses for all sorts of plants in each culture, and then other gardens that teach children about the wide diversity in nature.  These gardens surround a cluster of 15 story high man-made trees that have been planted out with bromeliads and the like.  They capture their own solar energy an water and at night, light up like a scene from Avatar.  Then there are two domes, one that recreates the climates of the world and a second that recreates a mountain forest.  The contents of these domes are indescribable, so best I share the images now and stop gushing....


  1. WOW!!!!!!
    When I first looked at the photo, before reading the text, I though they were artist impressions of a futuristic garden. Then to read that they are real blew me away. I guess we are living in the future afterall.

    Even though very impressive, it does create an unsettling feeling seeing technology and nature merging.

    Speak of impressive... speaking at the global Impact Investment Forum is impressive. What's your involvement in GIIN?

  2. It really was WOW Jason. You know how things you are really looking forward to often don't stack up in the end, well it was quite the opposite in this case. It really outstripped even my high expectations.

    And yes, I was at the conference (affiliated with GINN but hosted by the Impact Investment Exchange) and asked to speak about what's going on in Australia in this space and how do you this kind of change process happens, at an organisational, industry and national level