24 April 2011


The place to begin with all properties is of course to purchase a few toys.  Our first and most important purchase was the right ride on lawn mower.  We've got some very steep areas on the property and we were looking for a mower that could manage that so we didn't have to pay to slash it all the time.  A mower that can do slopes is harder to find than you would imagine.  Shaun did so much research that he should now open a consulting business on the topic! When he found the right one, he was over the moon.  I had to ask whether he could have imagined being this excited about a mower six months ago. Back then, only a beautiful road bike or mountain bike could have had him this elated.  The brand we went with was a Grillo, and it seems to defy gravity as well as chewing through long grass like a tractor.

And here is me having my first go:

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