18 April 2011

A long time ago

When we came back to Australia from South Africa, we had a 10 year plan to move to acreage but didn't know where.  We looked around for years, holidaying here and there, taking long drives, until we found somewhere that was both close to a major city and affordable.  Once we'd found the area, we then looked for another year to find the property.  It needed a good deal of flat land for organic food production, some slope for Shaun to build a mountain bike track, a dam and a liveable house.  We found all that with a salt water pool to boot and now here we are on our five acre property.  There's lots to do and even more to learn, but that was the whole point.

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  1. Hi, finally had a look at your blog (about time with all the comments you've made on mine!). I wanted to reply to your question about goats, but can't find your contact details on here. You'll have to go back to my post and read my comment back to you. Anyway, now I'll have another look around your blog to see what you've been up to at your place :) By the way, what state are you in? Cheers, Liz

    eight.acres.liz@ gmail.com